Namlos is an idyllic little farmer's village in the district of Reutte, Tirol. On the 1st of January 2019, it had 74 inhabitants.
It is situated in the Namloser Valley, at 1263 m altitude, and is located halfway the magnificent mountain road connecting Berwang (12 km) and Stanzach (10 km). You are as quickly in the Lech Valley as in the Zugspitz Arena.
In both Summer and Winter these region offers endless possibilities for an active holiday.

During winter, Namlos is extremely peaceful. All cattle are in their stable and the grass has been cut. In spring, the village comes back to life!

The nearest supermarkets are in Stanzach, Berwang or Bichlbach. There are no shops in Namlos.
Nearby our house is an excellent restaurant / cafe. Down in the village is a second tavern, with a large sun terrace. Great to catch your breath in the summer after a brisk walk.
At less than 15 min drive there are many other possibilities.

This area used to be covered with thick woods. The large presence of deer attracted the first hunters from the Imst-region. One of the first inhabitants was sir ‘Amel’. His name was later evolved into ‘Namels’ and from there comes the name of Namlos.
In 1553 Namlos and Kelmen counted together 18 families. Not much has changed since then. At this moment, Namlos has 72 inhabitants.
You surely have noticed our nice church, named after Saint Martin. This was built in 1751, before there was only a small chapel. Worth a visit!

More and more (young) people are moving from Namlos to Reutte or further, because of better employment possibilities. Livestock farming is no longer as important as years ago. The largest source of income for the inhabitants is currently tourism.

Namlos has its own volunteer fire brigade, mountain watch and music chapel, of which we are very proud. During summer holidays, and with nice weather, they often perform on the town square… which is right in front of our house.
Not to be missed if you happen to stay with us!